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One of our most precious gifts on earth is our children. They are not lab rats, and they are not for sale. I will work with parents and educators to bring TN education where it belongs and that is not 32nd in the country. Parents need to be in control of their child's education, not bureaucrats or liberal groups. We need proper funding for quality education and teachers. Our government schools should not have a monopoly on our tax dollars. School choice for the entire state and not just Nashville and Memphis to start. Parents should be able to decide where their children are being educated. Which will determine where tax dollars are going no matter if it is public, private, or home school options. The unions will not control our kids' education their agenda is failing our kids. We are witnessing a major change in education with liberal groups and the federal government pushing critical race theory, gender altering propaganda, and hatred of American history. TN ranks in the bottom half of American education which already trails other developed nations. I support all efforts to ban critical race theory, anti-science gender altering liberal agenda, and education that encourages children to hate their country, history, and race



Public Safety

I fully support our law enforcement and will provide them the respect and pay they deserve. Communities in TN are struggling to hire enough police officers because liberal cancel culture and biased media attack the men and women who are keeping our families and communities safe. As your next state representative, I will support more funding for law enforcement and encourage programs that help local communities find qualified police officers to keep our homes and businesses safe. 



The Economy

Having a prosperous local economy starts with a low tax base, removal of unnecessary regulations, and supporting a skilled workforce. As your state representative, I will never support a sales tax increase and will seek ways to reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses. We need to remove fees that are unnecessarily taxing working professionals who are earning a living for their families. Red tape that is impeding job creation needs to be eliminated. I will support vocational training to help expand our skilled workforce in Blount County to attract higher paying jobs. I will oppose special interest, insider tax deals that benefit large corporations at the expense of our local small businesses. 


Election Integrity

Over the past years voter confidence has been shaken in our election system. I'm committed to making sure only legal votes are cast and counted in our state. We need paper ballots across the state and make sure only citizens are voting in our local and state elections. As your next state representative, I will make sure Tennessee remains vigilant against liberalizing mail in ballots and voter ID laws which leads to fraud.

Stopping Washington DC's Liberal Agenda & Immigration Law

Our state's borders are the first line of defense against Washington DC's liberal agenda that enacts more and more Unconstitutional mandates on our state and local communities. I will fully support and defend the 10th amendment of the US Constitution by nullifying Unconstitutional federal mandates. Washington's liberal agenda is undermining our east Tennessee Conservative values and manipulating children in schools. As a veteran and Conservative, I will be the fighter our district needs to stop Biden's liberal policies in our state. 

I will oppose all efforts by the federal government to relocate illegal immigrants to our great state.



Online Privacy and Big Tech

In this modern time, it has become increasingly more difficult for the general public to navigate the new frontiers of technology without being exposed to dangerous business practices. Smart devices continually collect information about us and our daily habits to be sold to the highest bidder. For me, individual privacy is a significant concern that has been neglected by both our federal and state government and by those elected to serve our great community. As it stands, the privacy agreements meant to inform the public about the actions that these applications and smart devices are executing are null and void when it takes an advanced law or computer programming degree to understand the terms. Right now, there is no transparency between the major tech companies that build these social media applications and devices and the intended user. I will advocate for clear language in these terms of service contracts so that no company can hide behind technical jargon.

The big tech companies that are censoring Conservative voices need to be dealt with at the state level if liberal Washington continues to ignore their self-serving censorship. 

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